Immigration and business and lawyers

. . . with practical insight

Immigration and business and lawyers

. . . with practical insight

Choosing a lawyer is an important step for entrepreneurs and those hoping to immigrate to the US.

At a minimum you may want a lawyer who:

  • Understands the business strategy of your startup company.
  • Uses real business experience to guide you through the nuances of business and law.

That is the essence of JORDAN COUNSEL.

Boardroom Insight.  Legal Solutions.SM


Transparency.  Flexibility.  Creativity.

You already know the importance of finding a lawyer who can guide your company through its formative years. Moreover, you may hope your lawyer shares your company’s values.

Similarly, we hope our clients appreciate our values.


We are direct regarding the scope and nature of the legal services we will provide for you. We endeavor to fully understand your strategic goals so that the outcome of our service meets your expectations. Moreover, our flat-fee rates help you manage your budget, with no unwanted surprises at the end.


We understand that startups have an inherent advantage compared to larger competitors: size. More specifically, a startup can leverage its lean, non-hierarchical organizational structure to act with speed and flexibility. We value such agility and are also adaptive to our clients’ needs.


We have a passion for innovation and understand the uncertainty facing entrepreneurs and startups. We therefore strategize with our clients on options for mitigating risk. Instead of only pointing out legal obstacles, we provide our clients with business-friendly legal solutions.


We are veterans of corporate boardrooms who understand the nuances of business and law.

Managing Attorney

Before he founded Jordan Counsel, Deryck worked with large law firms in New York and Paris, where he supported a variety of business development deals. He also offers 15 years of corporate experience, including leadership roles in strategy, marketing and business development. In addition to his native English he speaks French, German and Spanish.

Deryck holds a Juris Doctor from University of Miami, an MBA from Wharton and a Bachelor’s from Andrews University. He also earned a Certificate for postgraduate coursework in French Commercial Law at the University of Paris, where he served on the faculty teaching a course on US Jurisprudence. He is admitted as an Attorney at Law in New York and in Berlin.

Of Counsel

Christian offers boardroom experience gained from 25 years in the life science industry. In that period he served for 15 years as Chief Legal Officer of one of Germany’s top international biopharmaceutical companies, where he led legal aspects of major deals in the US (and globally) related to M&A, in-licensing, out-licensing and strategic partnerships. Of Counsel with Jordan Counsel, he advises on a broad range of transactions, including collaboration and license agreements, R&D agreements and agreements with academic institutions.

Christian completed his legal education at the University of Munich and holds a Doctor of Law degree. He is admitted as an attorney (Rechtsanwalt) in Germany.

Of Counsel

Daniel Streiff is a lawyer at Streiff Law in Berlin. Of Counsel with Jordan Counsel, he advises tech and startup companies in German business law matters and focuses on drafting commerce and corporate law contracts. For his practice Daniel draws from his many years of experience as a founder and company consultant. He helps companies all the way from their foundation, through investment rounds to a final sale. In addition to his native language German Daniel speaks English, French and Spanish.
Daniel studied in Erlangen (Germany) and at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia (USA). He is admitted as an attorney (Rechtsanwalt) in Berlin.

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