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The four modules of our Startup Package provide solutions for the most common legal needs of technology startups and entrepreneurs.

Business Formation

  • All components of our BASIC BUSINESS FORMATION service, including:
    • Certificate of incorporation or articles of organization
    • Company by-laws
  • plus
    • Shareholder or Operating agreement


The legal documents in your Custom Law Library will be drafted to support your specific business plan, product portfolio and R&D activities.  Options include some of the most important legal documents needed by tech startups and e-commerce businesses, including:

  • ‘Terms of Service’ for website
  • ‘Privacy policy’ for website
  • Service agreement (MSA)
  • Intellectual property (IP) assignment agreement
  • Electronic corporate minute book
  • Written action of shareholders form
  • Capitalization table
  • One-way non-disclosure agreement template
  • Employment Offer letter template
  • Request for Proposals (RFP) template

Your Custom Law Library will contain your choice of two, three or six of the above legal documents, depending on the Startup Package you select. 


In this workshop we will build strong frameworks for marketing tools that are compliant with US advertising and consumer protection laws. Options include the following three eCommerce tools:

  1. Branding strategy
    • Positioning statement (internal)
    • Unique selling point (external)
  2. Product claims
    • Promotions, discounts and contests (“free”) 
    • Environmental impact (“green”)
    • Product origin (“Made in USA”)
    • Product composition (“organic” or “natural”)
  3. Guaranties and warranties

This workshop, which may be conducted in English, German or Spanish, is included in the PLUS and POWER Startup Packages.

Startup Package

$ 2800
  • Basic Business Formation
  • Shareholder or Operating agreement
  • Executive Legal Training
  • 2 customized legal documents
  • eCommerce Workshop: n/a

Startup Package

$ 4600
  • Basic Business Formation
  • Shareholder or Operating agreement
  • Executive Legal Training
  • 3 customized legal documents
  • eCommerce Workshop: 2 tools

Startup Package

$ 5900
  • Basic Business Formation
  • Shareholder or Operating agreement
  • Executive Legal Training
  • 6 customized legal documents
  • eCommerce Workshop: 3 tools

Let's launch your bright idea.

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